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When children are born outside of a marriage, challenges exist for the unwed father and mother. Child support must be calculated, and paternity must be established. The situation becomes even more complex when the mother is married to someone other than the biological father, as the child is considered to be of the marriage if the marriage is found to be intact. While parents may be highly emotional during this time, we encourage them to share our focus of putting the best interests and needs of their child or children first.

Carol Joyce Solomon, P.A. Attorney at Law asserts the rights of both fathers and mothers in paternity-related matters. If you need help proving paternity to secure support or visitation, contact the firm at 954-255-5333.

Representing Your Interests In Court

A single mother’s life is challenging enough when the child’s biological father admits paternity. It is far more difficult when the father denies paternity. A father who wants to play an active role in his child’s life, only to be denied by the mother is in a similarly difficult position. Signing a birth certificate is simply not enough to assert rights to support or timesharing. Paternity must be adjudicated in a court of law, which may involve specific DNA testing.

Taking The Appropriate Steps After Paternity Is Established

Once paternity is established, timesharing and child support are determined and a parenting plan is put in place. In Florida, the parenting plan establishes details as to shared parenting by describing which parent is (or parents are) responsible for decisions as to academics, health care and more. The parenting plan also delineates the dates and amounts of time each parent spends with the child or children and much more.

While the courts can establish parenting plans, attorney Solomon encourages parents to take control of their own lives and families, and to work together to find a common ground as to how the best interests of their child or children will be served. After all, parents will need to communicate and deal with one another long past adolescent years. Issues of college, marriage, grandchildren and so much more tie parents together for the rest of their lives. Because of this, it is in everyone’s best interest to amicably work out all children’s issues, rather than letting a third-party “stranger” (a judge) tell you what is in your child’s or children’s best interest.

Retain Control Over The Decision-Making Process. Contact The Firm.

Paternity disputes can be stressful and complex matters. Ms. Solomon will help you shoulder these burdens and move your legal matter in the right direction.

Please arrange your free 30-minute consultation with lawyer Solomon today by calling 954-255-5333. You may also reach the Coral Springs office via email.

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