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Formulas exist to determine child support amounts. Income and expenses are entered into the state’s “child support calculator,” and an amount and percentages are generated from that income. However, those calculations are not etched in stone. They vary and can deviate depending upon the circumstances, such as when there is a special needs child. Hence, disputes over child support often arise. The process of calculating child support is complex and should be handled by a family law attorney with experience in child support matters.

At Carol Joyce Solomon, P.A. Attorney at Law, attorney Solomon will attend to every detail of your child support calculations and fight for your right to pay or receive the appropriate amount of support.

Child support laws in the state of Florida are ever-changing, requiring an attorney committed to staying on the cutting edge. Contact the firm at 954-255-5333.

Learn About The Factors That Affect Child Support Determinations

Various factors go into calculating child support as part of the divorce process. Gross and net income from each parent must be established, along with deductions such as:

  • Medicare
  • Social Security
  • Health insurance
  • Taxes
  • Childcare and more

Significant timesharing can lead to adjustments in the calculations, which consider the fact that the more overnight time spent with a child or children the more money is paid to purchase food, clothes, utilities, etc.

Addressing Concerns Specific To Business Owners

Self-employed and business-owning spouses present unique challenges with regard to income disputes over such items as add-backs and “business expenses” deducted from the gross income. Ms. Solomon can advise clients (business owners and spouses of business owners) whether it would be in their best interest to hire experts, issue subpoenas and take other legal action to calculate income in support of their position in the case. That attention to detail is vital.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with Ms. Solomon regarding child support, please call 954-255-5333 or email Ms. Solomon. Attorney Solomon offers free, 30-minute consultations for family law matters.

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